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a full-service technology and design agency based in EU, dedicated to building memorable brands worldwide.

We get it – dealing with different companies
to get a single project done can be a headache. That's why we provide an all-in-one solution for a hassle-free experience. One team, one seamless service for all your needs.

Selected Works


creative direction - UI/UX design - motion design - web development - CMS integration - analytics integration

newkoncept header menu

We partnered with Newkoncept, a Polish interior furnishing company, to revamp their creative direction. Our work included designing a new website and crafting modern logotypes, ensuring a fresh and impactful visual identity for their brand.

The new website prioritizes minimalism to highlight the brand's products and emphasize their quality. Simultaneously, we aimed to deliver a memorable user experience, achieved through a user-friendly navbar featuring engaging animations.


branding - web design - motion design - web development

acme landing page
acme landing page
acme landing page

The acme.agency project is our look on a website for an architecture firm. Our primary objective was to craft a visually stunning page that not only appeals to the eye but also effectively showcases the exceptional work of the firm.

Our emphasis lies in highlighting the inherent beauty of the architectural projects. As a result, the design adopts a minimalistic approach with a pronounced focus on the geometric structures, featuring sharp angles that capture the essence of each endeavor.

Influenced by the precision of Swiss graphic design and its effective grid system. Clean lines and balanced proportions define our approach, project to be presented with clarity and elegance. The design narrative is straightforward, yet impactful, ensuring an appropriate showcase.

home m2

creative direction - UI/UX design - web development

work in progress home m squared landing page
work in progress home m squared landing page
work in progress home m squared landing page

The home m2 project is currently in development however we prepared a preview, to show the vision of the project. The project is a financial platform that allows users to invest in real estate.

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