How to Move a Website from Wix to WordPress

January 4, 2024

How to Move a Website from Wix to WordPress

Table of contents

Step 1: Assess Your Current Website on Wix

Before initiating the migration, conduct a thorough assessment of your existing Wix website. Take note of the content structure, design elements, and functionalities you wish to retain. This analysis will guide you in replicating these aspects effectively in WordPress.

Step 2: Set Up a WordPress Site

  1. Purchase a Domain and Hosting: Obtain a domain name and select a reliable hosting provider for your WordPress site. Popular choices include Bluehost, SiteGround, or any provider of your preference.
  2. Install WordPress: Use the one-click WordPress installation feature provided by your hosting platform to set up your new WordPress site.

Step 3: Export Content from Wix

  1. Log into Your Wix Account: Access your Wix dashboard and navigate to the site you want to migrate.
  2. Export Your Wix Content: In the Wix Editor, go to "Settings" > "Site" > "Advanced" > "Site Export." Save the ZIP file containing your Wix site content to your computer.

Step 4: Import Content into WordPress

  1. Install the WordPress Importer Plugin: In your WordPress dashboard, install and activate the "WordPress Importer" plugin.
  2. Upload Wix Content: Go to "Tools" > "Import" > "WordPress" and upload the previously saved ZIP file from Wix. Follow the prompts to import your content.

Step 5: Rebuild Design and Structure

  1. Select a WordPress Theme: Choose a WordPress theme that aligns with the design elements of your Wix site. Customize it to match your preferences.
  2. Recreate Pages and Content: Using the imported content as a reference, recreate your pages and posts in WordPress. Pay attention to formatting, images, and multimedia elements.

Step 6: Configure Functionality and Features

  1. Install Necessary Plugins: Identify plugins that replicate the functionalities present on your Wix site and install them on your WordPress site.
  2. Test and Optimize: Thoroughly test your WordPress site's functionality, ensuring all features work seamlessly. Optimize settings for performance and user experience.

Step 7: Update DNS Settings and Redirects

  1. Update DNS Settings: Adjust your domain's DNS settings to point to your new WordPress site. This step varies depending on your domain registrar.
  2. Implement Redirects: Set up 301 redirects from your old Wix URLs to the corresponding URLs on your new WordPress site. This ensures a smooth transition for both users and search engines.

Step 8: Perform a Final Check and Launch

  1. Review and Test: Conduct a final review of your WordPress site, checking for any discrepancies or missing elements. Test all links, forms, and interactive features.
  2. Backup: Before the final launch, backup your WordPress site to safeguard against any unforeseen issues.
  3. Launch Your WordPress Site: Once satisfied with the testing, update your DNS settings, making your WordPress site live. Celebrate the successful migration!


Migrating a website from Wix to WordPress requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a systematic approach. By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can ensure a smooth transition while preserving your content, design, and functionalities. Embrace the enhanced flexibility and customization options that WordPress offers, and embark on a new chapter of your online journey.

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